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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Re-Release of my book, Mirror Images Book 1: The Darkness of Man

Ok, so I usually write about Panama. I try not to mention my own personal endeavors very often, but since I've made some good friends with this blog, and the reader base is growing, forgive me for advertising the re-release of my book. It came out yesterday, on my birthday, and I just want to mention to everyone that it's available on Kindle right now. If you don't own a Kindle, but you have one of the other e-reading devices, you can pick up a copy in almost any other format at Smashwords (I'll post the link below). It's also out in paperback. Any support I can get would be really appreciated. So, what is it about? Here's the synopsis from Amazon: 

When an average Joe's reflection in the mirror switches places with him, he finds himself trapped in a strange mirror world, battling his way back to the other side so that he can stop his reflection from destroying the life he knows. 

“Have you ever wondered why so many people in prison claim to be innocent? It’s ‘cause most of ‘em are,” Dozier whispered. 

On the other side of the mirror, lies a horrific world where each of us has an image, our violent replica, capable of fulfilling our darkest desires, and only released into our world when we’re unable to follow through with an evil deed. Gabe Cutter, an average paper pusher, has his life ripped out from under him when his image switches places with him, hell bent on destroying the life Gabe knows, and killing his cheating fiance’. Now, stuck on the other side of the mirror, Gabe must join together with a band of stranded survivors and find a way to get back to his world before his image destroys it. Along the way he battles his way through maniacs, monsters, and ultimately his own heart, as he realizes that the woman he’s been trying to save...wasn’t worth the price of admission. 


So it might not be for everyone. It's dark fantasy, or what I like to call kick ass action. I recently signed with GMTA Publishing, so they're the company behind the new, edited, re-release. If you've got a few bucks to spare, please pick up a copy so I can finally start to establish myself as a real (hopefully full-time soon) author. Here's the cover of the book and I'll post all the links below the photo.

To get the Amazon Kindle version click here.

To get the paperback version at Amazon click here

For all other devices, go to the Smashwords page here

Thanks for all of your support. Keep your eyes open for my next Panama post.