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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An outstanding beauty salon in Panama City, Panama

Hey everybody,

If you've been reading my blog, you know that I'm not one to advertise businesses on my site. At least not one place specifically. I might mention the best places for Christmas shopping, or that kind of thing, but it's rare that I spend a whole post talking about one place. 

After several emails from readers, straight to my inbox, requesting info about a good beauty salon in Panama City, I figured it might be worth mentioning the place my wife and mother-in-law have been going to a lot lately. 

Outside of Color Me Chic in San Francisco, with the owner, Anabelle

I spent the first half of this past Saturday at the salon. Why was I at the salon? We were getting ready for a big family wedding, which I'll tell you all about in my next blog post. Weddings here are a blast and with a wife and 4 kids, each wedding we go to takes a lot of preparation.

Victoria getting the curls she begged for

Back to the salon details. I'm mentioning this place, because not only is it owned by a family member, but it truly is one of the nicest salons I've seen in Panama City. Beauty salons are all over Panama. I'm not kidding. They're on nearly every corner and in every mall or shopping center. And they're usually very affordable. But you get what you pay for. 

Pedicure before the big wedding

Color Me Chic, in San Francisco, located in a little shopping center called Plaza Ledakon, across from the entrance to Parque Omar, is very similar to what you'd see in the U.S.

Makeup time for the girls

They do just about everything in this place, including manicures, pedicures, facials, hair and makeup, name it. And they're surprisingly affordable for the level of service you get. They even offer you tea. I tried to snap a picture of their pricing menu. I'm not sure how clear it's going to come out on here though.

That seems pretty clear. As you can see on the list, a haircut is only $10, which compared to the $5 cuts at the smaller salons, might seem pricey, but compared to what you'd pay at a nice salon back in the U.S., that's nothing. A manicure is only $7. Plus, they usually offer coupons and discounts. They don't have a website, but they do have a Facebook page at:

I'm not going to attempt to translate everything on the list in the photo above, but if you just plug what you see into Google+, it should be pretty easy to figure out. 
Even the boys got haircuts

My wife has visited this place for a haircut, a facial, manicure, pedicure, and a massage. Both of my daughters have had their hair cut there twice and my sons just got their first cut. I've had no complaints so far. The stylists at Color Me Chic seem to have a good time, not only cutting hair, but creating cool hairdos for my kids. 

All smiles during her manicure

One of the other great things about Color Me Chic is the display of jewelry and lotions they have up above the cash register. You can pick up Bath & Body Works smell goods or a unique piece of jewelry created by one of Anabelle's designer friends. 

Pick up a quick gift

You know me. I'm all about customer service and I'm all about seeing new businesses succeed, especially when they really seem to "get it." If it helps answer the emails from my readers then it just makes sense to mention this place. 

Everyone's busy but having a great time at Color Me Chic

To find out more about Color Me Chic, visit their Facebook page at

Call Anabelle and her team at: +507-397-6692

Or just stop by their location off of Calle 75, Via Porras,  in San Francisco. They're on the second floor of the silver/grey shopping center.